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What is a made-to-measure shirt? The shirt you have ordered is fitted to your measurements, silhouette, and preferences for the cut and finishing details. You can also select all of the elements of the shirt design. In a well-fitted shirt, for example, raising your hands does not result in the sleeves becoming too short, and the shirt tails stay tucked in your trousers.

Fitting of the shirt is done in 4 steps:

1. Finding out about your style, preferences and needs

We chat about it over a cup of coffee, a glass of cold Coke or a glass of whisky…

2. Fabric selection

You can choose from almost 700 cotton fabrics woven from Egyptian yarn in Tessitura Monti in Italy or the Getzner weaving mill in Austria. There are many functional fabrics to choose from, e.g. fabrics made with aloe vera to prevent skin irritations, dry & fly fabrics that require no ironing, or Fresh Aktiv which protects your clothes against unpleasant odours.

3. You personalize your shirt

You can choose from different kinds of collars, cuffs, front and back types. You can select the colour of the buttons and threads. You can add finishing touches to the shirt by having it monogrammed in any colour or place – according to your preference.

4. We take accurate measurements – 3D body scan

We are the only company in Poland which uses an accurate 3D scanner for body measurements in order to ensure that your suit is perfectly fitted.
The time needed for completing your order is about 2 weeks. However, if you need the shirt fast, you can have it in 4 working days.

The prices of VAN THORN shirts start from PLN 750.