Taking accurate measurements using a 3D body scanner

VAN THORN represents a modern approach to tailoring clothes that fit your measurements and your style. Your precise measurements are extremely important to us. Therefore, as the first and only company in Poland, and one of very few in the world, we use 3D body scanning technology to make perfectly fitted clothes. A precise measurement using 3D body scaning technology takes into account details that can be missed when this is done manually, such as the shoulder slope, the shoulder blades slope or the hollow in the lumbar region.

During one visit we use the scanner to take measurements twice. Therefore, your measurements are only taken during one visit to a single location and you don’t have to make appointments for many traditional fittings.


Firstly, we measure your figure and body build so that we know what shape your suit or shirt should take – where to remove the material and where to add some.


The second measurement provides a possibility to take more measures. As a result, our clothes designer has a scanatar of the customer at his disposal to take any measurement he needs to make perfect suit pattern.

The measurements are taken in tight, light-coloured underwear to provide an accurate body scan.