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Thanks to VAN THORN voucher, a person whom you want to give a unique, perfectly matched gift will be able to select what he likes best.

A tailor made shirt, suit or maybe a made to measure jacket? Everything of the highest quality, everything unique. You leave the choice of cut, fabric, pattern to the recipient. He knows best what will be his style and according to his measure.

You will be left with the pure joy of giving a present. The card is beautifully packaged and ready to give. VAN THORN will deliver it directly wherever and whenever you want.

A gift card for a tailor-made products can be ordered directly in our tailor's studio or online at www.eleganckipan.com.pl

Our card ensures full discretion - it does not show the amount, only the type of gift you want to offer: a tailor-made shirt, or maybe a suit, jacket or tie?

If you want to know more, enter your details, select what voucher you are interested in and ask for a  contact from VAN THORN.